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Name: LB04
Product category: batteries
Product Description

Our entry level Lithium Battery."Links" will outperform equivalent Lithium by 150% yet is only a third of the weight. Also sporting a 10 year lifetime compared to Lead-Acid needing replacements after only 3 years. The battery Includes dedicated charger, HD cable and carry bag.
Lithium Iron Batteries have intelligent battery contol system IC , which equalises cell charge / dicharge rates , The chargers are matched to the battery requirements and also have intelligent control.
Lithium is the future of battery technology. LiFe-P04 (Lithium Iron Phosphate) These batteries are inherently safe in use
You can charge your Lithium in 3 hours so quick turn round, the charger has traffic light indicator to give level of charge.
battery size is 156 x 138 x 90 mm and the weight is just 2.8 kg

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